How to find us

Paralio Astros is sited in Peloponnese, in the prefecture of Arcadia. It is only 169 km far from Athens (2 hours) and 32 kilometers from Nafplion (half hour).

Houdis Houses are situated 200 meters from the center of Paralio Astros, to the direction of Astros.

Driving directions from Athens to Houdis Houses (Astros)

  • Head south on Athens Tripoli EO / EG New Tripoli Kalamata
  •  Take exit 6 – Sterna Node to Argos / Astros
  • Enter the EO Corinthos – Tripoli
  • Lead from Argos (follow signs to Astros)
  • After the Myloi Village turn left towards Kiveri – Leonidio road
  • Turn left at ParalioAstros (Paliochano)
  • Paraliou Astros – Tripoli Road

At your disposal for any information  Mrs Magdalini Chounti +306973981384

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