Paralio Astros

Paralio Astros is located in Peloponnese, in the prefecture of Arcadia.It is 30 km distance from Nafplio.

Paralio Astros offered for quiet, romantic walks in the picturesque harbour with fishing boats sailing, as well as exploring the quaint little streets.

Paralio Astros has a harbour which can accommodate small ships. A medieval Frankish fortress commands the heights of a peninsula called “The Island” which juts out to form the harbour.
Paralio Astros tooks its name from the star-shaped peninsula, the “Nisi” (‘The Island’) On top of the “Nisi” dominates the old castle. The castle built in 1256 AD by Prince William Villehardouin in order to protect the locals from attacks.
At the foot of the castle there is a small amphitheater built by the port, where cultural events take place during the summer. Also the main big square by the port is full of cafe and taverns open all day where you can enjoy food and have a relaxed coffee time. At the square there are ATM and a bank, and few meters from the square there is a post office and a police station.

Further down the main paved road by the sea there is a primary school with a big forecourt ideal for kids to play and there is a big ‘plaza’ beach with organized beach lies, beach bars and restaurants along the 8 km of sandy beach.

Food in Paralio Astros

There are many taverns and Seafood Restaurants at the coastal road ,that starts from the “Nisi” (hill) until the Doors (area).

Starting from the square, just before the parking near harbor, you can enjoy Greek food and pizza in Paralio Astros square.

From the square until small pier, there are many Café – Restaurants that served Greek food, pizza and pasta.

At the main street (Zafeiropoulou street) that starts from the kiosk in the square, you will find shops selling fast food with delicious Souvlaki, pancakes and cool cold Yaourtaki.!

Seafood Restaurants that served fish will find from the small pier until at the Portes location.

On the other side of Paralio Astros to Nafplio you can find in Glyfada place Restaurant – Tavern with a great fish ,meat and Greek food menu.

At the «La Luna» Café-Restaurant located in Portes location ( 160 meters from Houdis Houses) you can enjoy throughout the day ouzo , pizza ,pasta and other Greek food.

Nightlife – Café Bar in Paralio Astros

The Astro’s Café Bars has plenty for all ages.You will find theme at the Square to the small harbor.

For visitors who want Clubbing, Paralio Astros have two Clubs.
The Sail In Club that located 200 meters on the road Paralio Astros – Astros and «Actus Club » that located in “Paliochano Palaced ” on beach road Astros – Nafplio.

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